Alligator Handling Systems

Alligator Mobile Sheep Handling Systems have been helping British and International farmers for over four decades.

Fearing are now very proud to be able to supply the Alligator Smallholder range of sheep handling systems and a wide range of accessories, allowing the flexibility for your system to grow with your flock.

Whatever the task, wherever the sheep are, Alligator is all you need to get the job done fast.

Alligator Smallholder System available now from Fearing
Alligator Smallholder System is the ideal sheep handling yard for flocks of less than 100
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Alligator Smallholder Mini System v1
The Alligator Smallholder Mini is ideal for handling up to 10 sheep at a time
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Alligator 5ft Barred Hurdle
Alligator 5ft Barred Hurdle
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Alligator 5ft Sheeted Hurdle
5ft Sheeted Hurdle
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18" Spreader to suit drop gate
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18inch Guillotine Gate
Alligator 18" Guillotine Gate
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33" Spreader - Frame Only
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33 inch spreader with diamond gate
33" Spreader with diamond gate
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Anti-backing Gate (with side plates)
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