Best Practice for Fitting your Ear Tags

Ensure that you fit tags correctly to reduce the incidence of loss.

Sensible measures include:

  • Check the tags supplied are printed with the correct information. Mistakes can happen and it is easier to
    rectify before they are inserted into the animal.
  • Try to tag in cooler conditions to minimise the incidence of fly strike (the main cause of septic ear wounds).
  • Use genuine Fearing Applicator Pliers or Adaptors.
  • If you need to adapt your existing pliers please give us a call.
  • Hold the animals head securely, allowing you to locate the correct position for the tag in the ear.
  • ALWAYS insert the male part of the tag from the back of the ear.

We also recommend you use an antiseptic lubricating gel on the male part of the tag before insertion, this reduces infection and helps the male part pierce the ear.

• Consider the areas on your farm where livestock are kept – remove or modify any sharp object which the animals are likely to rub against and that do or may catch tags and pull them out.
• After a week check newly tagged animals and treat any inflamed wounds you see.

Plastic tags – Where do I put them?

When fitting plastic tags to cattle, carefully choose a location about a quarter of the way along the ear, away from the head, just above the middle vein.

Separate the two halves of the tag and load the male onto the pin of the plier, pushing it firmly down.

Load the female into the opposite arm of the plier by pushing down the white coloured spring-loaded clip and inserting the female under the metal clip into the slot of the plier jaw.

Press the plier one time heavily as far as it will go. When the male half loads into the female half you will hear an audible click.







Metal tags – Where do I put them?

When fitting metal tags to cattle, choose a location at the top of the ear, about a quarter of the way out from the head. Always ensure that you leave a 5mm space under the fold of the tag to allow for ear growth. Fit the tag so the “curl lock” is at the front – this will minimise losses due to snagging.

Slide the metal tag off the cardboard tube and insert into the plier. The female half (with the dimple) should sit in the hollow of the anvil.

The back or fold of the tag, should fit snugly between the wings of the anvil and up to the back plate.

Press the plier one time heavily as far as it will go.